Premium French Wine in a Can

Wine Cans

Wine In A Can

Winestar is a selection of award-winning family estate French wines
from Corbières (Languedoc) in a single serve container.

Preventing any damage from light or humidity, Winestar cans are designed with a thicker aluminium gauge and an exclusive inside coating to protect the wine, so that it is ready to drink and enjoy in any occasion.

These Wine Cans are the ideal way to enjoy a glass of wine « on the go »

Available in Red, White, and Rosé
Lightweight, easy to store
Convenient, non-breakable, easy to transport
Green container, 100% recyclable
No glasses, no bottles, no wine openers needed
Reasonable one glass pour (6 oz)
Container chills quickly and stays cool longer
Wine stays fresh thanks to the airtight filling process

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