Queen of Wines sources and imports sustainably-grown family estate wines and delivers them all over North Carolina. Many of these wines are being introduced for the first time on US markets, and all of them are hand-picked  for wine lovers to enjoy.

Queen Of Wines thinks outside the bottle with an innovative and educational label concept that guides you effortlessly into the world of each wine. We take the guesswork out of the selection process so you can sit back and relax.

Our wines are transported directly from the winemaker’s cellar to our climate controlled warehouse in Durham, NC. Fewer middlemen means a more personal connection.

American Wine Consumption 33%
French Wine Consumption 26%
Italian Wine Consumption 22%
German Wine Consumption 20%
Chinese Wine Consumption 17%
*In million hectoliters for the year 2016

Expand your palate in total confidence knowing our gem wines
have been hand-picked by a team of wine experts.

label 101

Follow the guide

Choosing wine without expert guidance can feel a little like gambling.
Placing a bet might end in a gratifying return once in a while,
but most of the time it just empties your wallet.

The Wine Magnifier label concept turns the odds in your favor.
We provide instant insight on factors such as  longevity, serving temperature, and pairings
in order to decrease the guesswork and increase the satisfaction that comes with pouring each glass.


Our Gem Wines


We dedicate time to sourcing GEM wines abroad, looking for handcrafted wines and tasting with artisan winemakers, from well-known regions and appellations as well as less marketed or untapped ones.


Our GEM wines are terroir-driven, made with love and passion from sustainably grown grapes. Most often, the estate has been in the family for several generations, combining the best of tradition and forward-thinking.


Our winemakers are opting for minimal intervention, both in the vineyards and in the cellar, in order to enhance wine’s aromatic expression and better reflect its unique personality, vintage after vintage.


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